Checkout Length

Books, magazines,and audiobooks can be checked out for two weeks. Unreturned materials are automatically renewed for two weeks. A fine of 5 cents is assessed for each following day.

Fine Exemption Periods

Any overdue items can be returned during Summerfest in July or between Christmas and New Year's Day without a fine being assessed.

Movie Checkout Policy

$1 deposit required per movie. If the movie is returned late, the patron forfeits the deposit. If the movie is lost or damaged, the patron is liable for the replacement cost.

Movie Checkout Length

  • Out Monday Return Wednesday
  • Out Tuesday Return Thursday
  • Out Wednesday Return Friday
  • Out Thursday Return Saturday
  • Out Friday Return Monday
  • Out Saturday Return Tuesday.

Photocopy Costs

Black and white copies cost 10 cents per side. Colored copies cost 25 cents per side. No fees are charged for materials copied for school projects.

Fax Costs

50 cents charge for each sent and/or received page.

New Patrons

New patrons must provide proof of name and address when requesting a library card. Each person of a family age three and up will have a library card in order to assist the library in determining its number of patrons. First time card users are allowed to check out one item. On the return of that item in the same condition, the patron will be allowed to check out more materials.